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Emerson Hospital
Concord, MA
Approximate Contract Amount: $1.7M

Sea & Shore was selected to design and construct temporary excavation support and underpinning as part of the $45M expansion of this hospital. Temporary excavation heights of greater than 30ft were retained using soldier pile and timber lagging with multiple levels of grouted tiebacks. Underpinning of the existing three-story Birthing Center to allow excavation depths of 20ft for new foundation construction was accomplished with a complex jet grout and soil nail system to support both vertical building loads and lateral earth pressures. Sea & Shore also constructed multiple vertical tie-down anchors as part of the seismic design of the new building. Sea & Shore performed all site work operations including excavation of approximately 20,000 tons of soil, dewatering of silty, subgrade soils, deep utility and drainage connections, and general paving and site improvement.

Slack's Reservoir Damn Reconstruction
Smithfield, RI
Approximate Contract Amount: $450,000

Sea & Shore recently completed reconstruction of one of Rhode Island's high risk dams in Smithfield. This project included the installation of approximately 260lf of 45ft long sheet piling with interlock sealant; designing and construction of a cast-in-place concrete valve pit and water control structure including deep reservoir drain; slip lining of 24:" HDPE pipe through an existing granite block culvert; concrete construction to extend and existing high water spillway out to the sheet piling wall; and sitework construction to reshape the entire dam including flattening the dam backslope and relocating the crest of the dam closer to the new sheet pile cut off wall.

Lowe's Home Center
Dedham, MA
Approximate Contract Amount: $1.9M

Sea & Shore installed approximately 1,400 50 ton, concrete-filled, pipe piles to support the new store in Dedham, MA. Two pile diving rigs were used over this two month long project. Simultaneously, Sea & Shore constructed over 500lf of cantilevered retaining wall as a permanent site feature around the store. Portions of this retaining wall were constructed by installing 50ft long 36in diameter pipes utilizing a state of the art, vibration free static drill/drive technique developed in Japan. This installation method greatly reduced construction duration and disturbance to abutters in an adjacent state highway. This method also substantially reduced the required construction equipment on site that allowed two pile driving rigs and the wall construction to occur simultaneously. Sea & Shore also performed site work to excavate and backfill for pile caps./grade beams and obstruction removal within the footprint of the building.

Omega Pond Force Main Crossing
East Providence, RI
Approximate Contract Amount: $600,000

Sea & Shore was contracted to provide marine construction services to install approximately 1,000lf of 20in diameter ductile iron sewer force main through the Omega Pond in East Providence, Rhode Island. Sea & Shore mobilized a sectional barge, crane, dive crew and supporting equipment to install the underwater line. The pipe was set on a new, helical pile cradle system submerged approximately 5 to 8ft below the water surface. Sea & Shore's dive crew and top side support installed the pipe line on the cradle system; installed uplift brackets, anchor hardware, corrosion protection devices; and excavated mud along the pipe line alignment using airlift and jet pumps. Sea & Shore also constructed two sheet pile cofferdams ate the ends of the pond to transition the pipeline from land to water.

Temporary Excavation Support
Williams College
Approximate Contract Amount: $120,000

Sea & Shore designed, constructed and removed a temporary excavation support systems as part of site development for the new Campus Center at Williams College. This work included construction of a braced, soldier pile and lagging wall to retain excavation depths of 15ft immediately along one of the town's main roads. To complicate the project, bedrock existed at an approximate depth of 12 to 15ft below grade, which reduced the option for pile installation. Overhead wires and sensitive utilities also existed within a few feet behind the wall, therefore, Sea & Shore installed the piling into holes predrilled through the dense glacial till and into bedrock. To reduce the height of pilings to avoid the overhead wires and to control lateral deflections of the wall, we installed a single level bracing that was removed following wall construction.

JFK Presidential Library
Columbia Point, MA
Approximate Contract Amount: $1.4M

Sea & Shore was selected by the National Archives and Records Administration to reconstruct approximately 1,000lf of failing sea wall and walkway around the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, MA. As part of this project, we removed and reset 2 to 4 ton armor stones in stone bedding, reconstructed a concrete header and bollard system, replaced site drainage and lighting along the sea wall, and repaved over 35,000sf of walkway and plaza.

Blackington Commons Development
North Attleboro, MA
Approximate Contract Amount: $250,000

Sea & Shore was selected to install approximately 400 timber piles to support four new buildings at this residential development. The pilings were installed in a two-phased construction sequence.

Palmers Cove Yacht Club
Salem, MA
Approximate Contract Amount: $160,000

Sea & Shore recently completed construction of a new vinyl sheet pile bulkhead and piling for a new fixed pier/deck at this marina in Salem, MA. Sea & Shore was responsible for the final design of the bulkhead, which included 10 permanent tiebacks, a galvanized waler and bulkhead cap, and installation of sheeting and new greenhart pilings.

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