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Excavation Support Systems and Underpinning

Sea & Shore Contracting designs and installs a wide variety of excavation support and underpinning systems suited for specific site and ground condition considerations.

Types of systems include:

  • Soldier pile & Lagging
  • Sheet Piling
  • Timber Sheeting
  • Soil Nailing
  • Concrete Pit Underpinning
  • Jet Grouting & Other Grouting Applications
  • Structural Steel Beam Design
Our designs consider the need for groundwater control, limiting lateral deflections and ground movement behind the support walls, site logistics, and potential impacts to adjacent structures/utilities due to installation and removal techniques. We have constructed hundreds of systems for a variety of applications which include designing systems to remain in place after construction as permanent retaining walls.

Marine Construction

Sea & Shore Contracting provides marine construction services including:

  • Pile Driving
  • Pier and Bulkhead Construction
  • Sea Wall Construction and Maintenance
  • Bridge and Walkway Construction
  • Demolition
  • Marina Construction and Development
We also offer complete commercial diving services including:

  • Underwater Cutting
  • Welding & Construction
  • Inspection and Existing Condition Surveys
  • Utility Construction
  • Lost Item Recovery
  • Salvage and Demolition Services
We offer free consultations to developers and contractors in any stage of planning and design of water front projects, including cost estimating and value engineering analyses.

Pile Driving

Sea & Shore Contracting installs timber, H-pile, pipe pile, and precast concrete piles for foundation support of buildings, bridges, utilities, and marine applications. We have installed pilings for Massachusetts Highway Department Bridges, large mall developments, numerous commercial projects and house foundations. We offer complete design-build geotechnical services for small to large scale projects including subsurface investigation programs to develop cost-effective solutions and for value-engineering analyses. In addition to conventional driven piles, we design and install helical pile foundations and deep concrete pier and shaft systems.

Site Work

Sea & Shore Contracting performs all aspects of site work including bulk excavation and soil disposal, utility installation, footings and foundation preparation, and overall site development. We routinely combine our specialty construction services such as pile driving or temporary excavation support with our earth work services to provide sole source solutions to developers/construction managers looking to simplify coordination on difficult sites. We believe this combination of services is a strong addition to most development teams and is where our capabilities and experience provide the greatest value to our clients. We provide environmental remediation services and are also well suited to assist developers of brownfield sites.

Dam Construction, Ground Improvement, Dewatering and Other Services

Sea & Shore Contracting performs specialty geotechnical and site work construction for projects such as rehabilitation and repair of dams, vibratory probe compaction and stone column construction to densify bearing soils, and erosion control/slope stabilization measures to address failing soil and rock slopes. Sea & Shore Contracting designs, installs and operates dewatering systems including deep wells and vacuum well points. We have constructed numerous river and stream diversion projects using both sheet piling and pumping systems. Additionally, Sea & Shore Contracting designs and constructs sound barrier walls.

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